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Gata de Gorgos
Gata de Gorgos Gata de Gorgos
Gata de Gorgos is an important centre for basketry, wickerwork, furniture
and objects in rush, cane and bamboo.

Gata is as well known for its grapes
 and almonds. 
Gata de Gorgos The interesting for the visitor
is the offer of these
handicraft products. 
Gata de Gorgos Gata de Gorgos
Chapel of the Santísimo Cristo
Parochial Church of San Miguel Arcángel
Municipal Archaeology Museum
Penyo 10,
Tel 965756941, Fax : 965756635
Festivity of the 3 Kings of Orient, January 6th
High feast honouring the Most Holy Christ of the Calvary, end of July to August 6th 
Interesting telephone numbers:
Townhall: 965756089
Police: 965757432
Guardia Civil: 965756055
Post office: 965756053
Health Centre: 965756350
Tourist Info Duquesa de Almodovar, 3      03740 Gata de Gorgos Tourist Info oficina
Tourist Info 96 575 60 89
Tourist Info info@gatadegorgos.org
Tourist Info www.gatadegorgos.org


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