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Walk between beautiful palm tree landscapes
Palmeral - Elche Palm tree orchards are the most characteristic feature of the urban landscape of Elx.
They surround the city like a huge green belt, 2 km long and 1 km wide.

The sheer quantity of palm trees here, numbering around 200.000, make the city look more like a forest when seen from the distance. Yet the Palm

Groves is not a natural forest, but rather a cultural area which is as rational in its design as the gardens of the Renaissance, originally created for agricultural production, and owing much to the complex system of irrigation used to water the whole area.  
The palm groves route has a total length of 2.580 meters. You should use comfortable footwear, protect your head from the sun and carry some water for the journey. There are signs along the way providing directions.

Upright signs: located every few meters and at crossroads there are posts with green colored flags indicating the direction to follow and the number of meters left from the total length of the route. 

Ground signs: the route is also marked out with round signs on the ground indicating the right direction to follow.

The route starts off and ends at one of the historic orchards called "Sant Plàcid".  (Purta de la Morira 49) 
Ruta del Palmeral

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